About WeCreative
Creativity knows no boundaries and it is the ultimate bridge to bring target audiences closer
to the desired products/outcome.This has been and will always be the pillar of WeCreative.

Being a home grown creative design agency in Malaysia , we understand what it takes to capture the eye
and heart of target audiences, both locally and internationally. We are the users, the audiences and thus,
we know how to leverage on today’s media, both modern and traditional, to achieve the desired result.

From constructing our proposal to howling our success after the work is complete,we work alongside
you (our clients!) to deliver effective communication. But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at our client list.


We provide a full range of creative services for business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing.
You just have to name it, and we’ll do it.

With the popularity of social websites and online streaming, sharing and advertising a video clip over a popularly browsed website is one of the effective ways to reach the masses. From storyboard to post-production, we provide corporate video shooting, product shooting & storyboard telling shooting. We make sure the end-products are not just informative, but convincing.
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It’s all about what catches the eyes before one can catches the heart. We believe quality graphic design is essential to the effectiveness of any visual communication. Our creative team is ever ready to conceptualize and realize ideas that will make your brand shine. We provide Conceptual design services, Re-branding service, and Corporate Identity Creation. Contact us to know more!

What more do we need to talk about this? If you are browsing through our website right now, you already know how important (and general!) it is to have one easy-to-navigate yet informative website to attract potential clients (or target audiences)!
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Yes, we are living in a digital era. You can access anything, if not all, with just a click or a sweep of the finger. Still, the demand for the conventional printed materials is unbeatable. We are a one-stop creative design agency and we will have everything sorted out from conceptualizing, designing to finished products. Contact us to know more!

Our full ranges of services and commitment to quality works and finished products
have won us the credibility among existing clients while attracting new and potential ones.
Don’t take our words for real until you see it for yourself; check out some of our many works done!

The success of WeCreative is fueled by a highly-motivated team of young,
creative, innovative and imaginative people.



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